Our Story

At the heart of Label are thoughtfully designed collections - versatile pieces one can wear anytime, anywhere. With a modernistic approach to everyday basics, we are guided by a straightforward simple philosophy -- classics with a bit of flair, which are comfortable enough for a woman who knows who she is and what she wants.

Our aesthetic is influenced by form and function - with a playful approach to using natural elements, structured draping, textures and using interesting patterns, with some pop of color.

Working with local communities since 2014, we are motivated to continually innovate our design and approach in creating our pieces. Our two main collections, released annually, are inspired by resort and holiday.

We embrace and welcome every woman’s own uniqueness, and we are driven to design pieces that transcend trends and seasons, thus, every piece in our collection is timeless and ageless.

With a mission of extending beyond a family-brand concept, and establishing growth towards a more responsible and sustainable "community building" company, we strive to STAY LOCAL – in making use of local innovations, local textiles, and local labor. A brand that is proud to claim “Made in the Philippines, designed by Filipinos.”


Our team has been working with a small community of sewers in Cavite since 2014. The Seven Caviteño entrepreneurs are comprised of four women, and three men (who started with us when we only had a small collection of seven pieces per season), who have been able to provide for their families, while working in optimal working conditions.

As we continue to provide these local entrepreneurs with guidance and resources, in helping them develop their own business practices, and maintain sustainability in this modern world; it has truly been more of a privilege for us, in that we have been a small part of their journey, while seeing them achieve milestones throughout the years.


We are deeply committed in delivering well thought-out pieces by listening to our customers feedback, in order to understand what they need. By reviewing trends, we are prepared to adapt and adjust with this fast-changing market, and robust arena.


Working towards sustainability, we have put a huge emphasis on becoming a more responsible and mindful brand, particularly in the way we approach product design and production.

Our immediate goal is to work on a more eco-conscious solution to our packaging options, by using leftover fabric from our previous collections, in a more mindful effort to reduce the use of plastic in delivering finished pieces.

It is an arduous process, but we are affirmed in our commitment to actively work towards becoming a more responsible brand.